The First International Conference on Materials, Energy and Environment will be held at El-Oued University on January 20-21, 2020. It goal is to bring together researchers, professors and industrialists concerned by technological and scientific advances in the Materials, Energy and Environment sciences. This first international edition is intended to be open to industrial concerns and the transfer of technology between universities and industries. This is why applied themes are programmed to better meet the needs of the industrial community. Topic 1: Energy Renewable Energy and Environment Phase Change, Flows and Energy Transfer Processes Optimization of Energy Systems Fuel Cells Drying and Porous Media Energy Storage Thermal and Mass Transfers Energy Management. Topic 2: Materials Material Modeling Material Valuation Material Characterization and Behavior Nanotechnology Materials for Energy Biomaterials and the Environment Energy Storage and Conversion Topic 3: Mathematics in Physics Application of Quantum Mechanics on Materials Numerical Methods and Simulations Applied in Technology Theory of Operators and Their Applications in Science Mathematical Physics and Limit Problems Plasma Physics

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